A Spell That Caused Memory Loss for Three Years

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A Spell That Caused Memory Loss for Three Years

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The woman's memory loss prompted her family to seek medical help.

A Spell That Caused Memory Loss for Three Years

This is a true account of a married woman who suffered from a spell that caused severe marital problems, eventually leading to divorce. Following the divorce, she experienced memory loss for over three years, remembering only her childhood up to the age of ten. Her family, unaware of the symptoms and impacts of magic, initially thought it was a psychological issue resulting from the divorce.

Medical Journey and Misdiagnosis

The woman's memory loss led her family to seek medical help. Various doctors attributed her condition to different causes:

  • Some believed it was a psychological issue.
  • Others thought she had experienced a nervous breakdown.
  • A few suggested she might have sustained a head injury and needed therapy.

Despite undergoing numerous medical treatments and therapy sessions for three months, there was no improvement.

Turning to Spiritual Healing

Exhausted from the unsuccessful medical treatments, her family decided to seek help through the Quran and spiritual healing. A relative contacted me, describing her symptoms, which matched those of magic and possession. We arranged a session for a spiritual healing ritual.

The Healing Session

During the recitation of Quranic verses, the woman began to show signs of distress:

  • She rubbed her hands together anxiously.
  • She exhibited fear and tension.

She tried to leave the session, saying she couldn't stay, but I insisted she remain and continued reciting. Eventually, she started screaming and threw herself on the floor. I kept reciting, and she covered her ears and tightly shut her eyes. I spoke loudly, asking the entity for its name, and it replied, "Idris." When I asked its religion, it said, "Jewish."

I questioned how it entered her, whether through magic or possession. The entity revealed it was through magic meant to separate her from her husband. When I asked if it was responsible for her memory loss, it initially didn’t respond but later admitted to causing it. The entity explained that it could manipulate her memory, allowing her only to remember her childhood and forget everything after the age of ten, including her marriage.

The entity also named the person who cast the spell, claiming they did it out of hatred. It is essential to note that while entities often lie, their statements can sometimes align with suspicions and observations from the afflicted person and their family. This alignment can help connect the dots but should be approached with caution.

The Conclusion of the Healing

After completing the dialogue, I asked the entity if it wanted to leave, and it agreed, saying it was tired. Through Allah's grace, the entity left from her foot, and the woman regained consciousness, gradually recovering her memory.

I advised her family to give her time to regain her full strength and provided protective measures, including blessed water for drinking and a program of continued spiritual practices.

The Miraculous Recovery

An hour after the session, the family called to inform me that the woman had fully recovered her memory and felt relieved from her previous distress. We thank Allah for the healing and acknowledge that we are merely instruments in His divine plan.

Your Brother, Abu Ayah Islamic Healing Network, Spiritual Healing Department


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