A Jewish Jinns Spell on a Woman

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A Jewish Jinns Spell on a Woman

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This case involves a woman who had been under a spell cast

A Jewish Jinns Spell on a Woman

سحر الجن اليهودي على إمرأة

Here, we present practical cases that have been directly treated, with God's help.

This case involves a woman who had been under a spell cast by a Jewish jinn for more than ten years. Her husband contacted me, describing her condition and his numerous unsuccessful attempts to cure her, as the jinn would not leave.

The husband also shared that he had been deeply affected by his wife’s condition, feeling constantly distressed, anxious, and uneasy.

I explained that it was natural for him to feel this way since the presence of a jinn in the house emits negative energy, causing disturbances and discomfort for the entire family. He also mentioned that despite being married for over five years, they could not sustain a pregnancy, although all medical tests were normal. I explained that the jinn might be the root cause, as it can interfere with ovulation and kill the eggs, preventing conception.

After the Maghrib prayer, I visited the patient. She seemed normal and discussed her past treatments, which she had stopped for over two or three years. I suggested we begin reading and assessing her condition with God’s help. Before starting, I placed headphones on her ears with a recording of my recitation. From the start, she exhibited signs of possession and unusual movements, escalating into strange screams and actions. She fell to the ground, and even her husband couldn’t restrain her.

I removed the headphones and began reciting directly. Her screaming intensified, and she stuck her tongue out, making strange movements. I sternly commanded her to be quiet and asked who was present. The jinn spoke, asking what I wanted and why I was there, boasting that many had come before me but none could expel him. I demanded his name loudly and placed a cloth scented with oud on her nose and mouth, nearly causing the jinn to choke. The jinn screamed, "Idris! Idris!" I asked if he was Jewish, to which he replied yes.

I questioned whether he had entered through a spell or possession. He admitted it was a spell cast by her aunt, who had bewitched her and her family. The jinn listed several family members who were also affected. As the Isha prayer call began, I paused the session and told the jinn we would continue the next day after Isha to have enough time.

The next day, I returned after Isha. The patient’s mother and brother were also present. She recounted that she had seen the jinn leave to report to the sorcerer, who reassured the jinn and sent additional jinn as reinforcements. I told her not to worry and to trust in God, who said in the Quran, "What you brought is magic. Indeed, Allah will expose its worthlessness.

Indeed, Allah does not amend the work of corrupters."

I started the recitation again, using the same recording. She began to react with slight movements and discomfort. As her screaming intensified, her husband and brother held her down. The jinn, speaking through her, insisted he wouldn’t leave. I continued reading verses against magic, causing the jinn great distress.

Using a scented cloth again, I pressured the jinn to leave. He finally agreed, signaling towards her mother and brother. He indicated that her brother was possessed by a Christian jinni who had a romantic interest in him, which the jinni woman did not want.

After a session lasting about an hour, the jinn left by the grace of God, and the woman regained her senses. We planned follow-up sessions to treat the rest of the family.

All praise is due to Allah alone, and we are merely instruments in His hands.

Best regards,
Sheikh Abu Ayah
Contact: 009613654576


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